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Coffee Brewing Hints

Here are some helpful tips for brewing a great cup of coffee:

  • Use your favorite roast of coffee. If you don’t know what your favorite roast is, we offer samples so you can find it!
  • Keep your coffee fresh. Store it in a clean dry space away from heat or extreme cold. Do not serve coffee that is past the freshness date.
  • Filtered water enhances the flavor of the coffee. We offer water filters to our automatic brewers and change them out on a regular schedule.
  • Use a thermal Carafe if you plan to keep coffee for more than 30 minutes. Coffee can be left in a thermal carafe for extended periods without losing flavor.
  • Throw out filter and grounds immediately after brewing to prevent drip-through of unwanted flavors trapped in used coffee grounds.
  • Rinse your thermoses and airpots out at the end of the day and clean them as needed. We provide urn cleaner packets at no charge to our customers.

We provide the maintenance for your brewer to keep it clean and adjusted for proper volume and temperature. We also change out your brew-baskets and air-pots as needed. This ensures a great cup of coffee every time!

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