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Filtered Water Coolers in Portland, Oregon

Filtered water coolers are an excellent way to provide your employees fresh cold drinking water. With our coolers, there is no need to store or lift heavy, bulky jugs. Our FDA approved coolers will provide a constant flow of great tasting, clean, purified water. We offer Hot & Cold, and Cold & Room Temperature water coolers in both free standing floor models, as well as counter-top models. We install the tubing and the water filter at no charge, and only charge a flat monthly rental charge for the cooler. Installing the water filter under the sink allows us to filter the water to your coffee brewer as well, at no additional charge. Our dual-stage carbon block water filters are unsurpassed at removing chlorine, sediment, taste, odor and organic contaminants. They are manufactured entirely from FDA approved materials. We replace the water filter cartridge every six months, at no charge. The filter replacement is included in the monthly cooler rental.

Contact Gourmet Coffee Systems today for rental information and to schedule an installation.

The first month’s rental is free to new customers.

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