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Introduction to Gourmet Coffee Tasting / Part 1

In the world that defines Gourmet Coffee, there is complex vocabulary, dozens of phrases, and several key elements that surpass the average individual’s interest; but what if that wasn’t the case? What if with our help, the average “Joe” were to begin to understand the intricacy and detail that makes this world of Gourmet Coffee unique. Before one dives headfirst into this complicated world, however, they must understand that this takes time. Similar to the process of roasting coffee beans to achieve the proper brew, teaching and shaping one’s understanding in the realm of Gourmet Coffee is very much the same. That is why we will begin unpacking this complex topic in a seven-part series, touching on the essential elements necessary to becoming a true Coffee Connoisseur. And hopefully by the end of what we know will be a thrilling and knowledge-packed journey, you will all be Gourmet Coffee Tasting Pros. Until then, however, we hope to see you for the next installment where we will be taking a look at exactly how coffee came to be. Spoiler alert: Paris, the invention of Espresso, and an unknowing thief will be major players in the next piece of the puzzle. Stick around and we look forward to seeing you next time.  

By Ben Croteau

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