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What Is Being Shared About The Potential Coffee Health Benefits?

As an office coffee service provider we have watched with interest the many headlines in the news over recent years that indicate moderate coffee consumption may have positive health benefits. On occasion we have also noticed reports of a concern with coffee related to health.

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So, here is the news we found when we did a quick online search that may be of interest to our Portland area office coffee customers and followers:

The first piece of good news we found was reported by the Wall Street Journal June 15, 2016 that the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that there is no conclusive link between cancer and coffee and it is no longer classified as a possible carcinogen.

Next we came across a very interesting article posted September 25, 2017 on Harvard Health Publishing. From our view this is an excellent summary on coffee and it’s potential health benefits. In addition to mentioning the WHO change in coffee classification, they sited a November 2015 study posted on Circulation finding that coffee consumption was associated with a potential reduction in risk of death.

Harvard Health publishing went on to share that other studies have found that coffee may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, uterine and liver cancer and cirrhosis, and gout.

When doing a browser search on “coffee health benefits”, many of these potential benefits described above showed up in a long list of items discussing the health benefits of coffee. Also, in a separate search we found a number sites commenting about studies on the benefit of coffee and pain relief. Through out quick research we observed from a simple browser search that there is quite a bit of activity researching the benefits of coffee, so you can expect more news in the future!

In the meantime we continue to be available to fill your office coffee needs with a variety of local and national coffees. Here’s to a happy and healthy cup of your favorite coffee.

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